Micro Jet 18 Blue / Volt


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When the time comes, Micro Jet is ready to turn and burn!

Colour: Blue / Volt
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Breaking lines, taking the game on and leaving all others in your wake, it's time you took notice of Micro Jet.

Micro Jet is built from the ground up for leading professional athletes, with a premium microfiber upper that’s extremely light aiding take-off ensuring you'll be up to maximum speed in no time.

X-Grip technology allows for better ball traction and accuracy when kicking, whilst insole padding reduces fatigue through your feet.

Key Features:

-Lightweight Premium Microfiber Upper

Nobody likes heavy boots, so by using a premium microfiber upper, we’ve reduced the weight keeping you light on your feet. The microfiber keeps its shape and doesn't absorb water meaning these boots are suited to all types of conditions.

-Rubber X-Grip Forefoot Technology

Revolutionary hydrophobic pattern repels water and is positioned precisely in contact area on boot forefoot. This allows for greater grip of boot to ball, aiding kicking in all-weather but especially noticeable in the wet.

-Sonic TPU Outsole

Ensuring quick ground penetration and release during quick movements permits enhanced agility and reduced foot stress. The stud positioning is biomechanically designed to maximise comfort and reduce the chance of injury.

-Full-Length 2MM EVA 45 Density Inner-board Layer

The shock cushioning provided by the EVA inner-board promotes immediate and lasting comfort, and helps to reduce foot fatigue, the key to reducing overall stress felt through the feet and legs. In doing so this helps to keep you at your best for longer.